Provincial Disaster Management Authority

Government of Sindh

Disaster Management Policy

Disaster Management Policy of Sindh aims to achieve following objectives:

·     Provide strategic insight for disaster management in the province

· Provide guiding and governing principles and procedures 

· Layout well-structured disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, relief, recovery, and rehabilitation strategy

·  Layout and implement integrated disaster risk reduction and management 

·   Streamline disaster management procedures and protocols

·   Advancing disaster management from reactive to proactive approach

·       Assign clear roles and responsibilities to all relevant stakeholders which directly or indirectly influence disaster risks and disaster management 


Formally, the draft policy has been forwarded to wide range of stakeholders for feedback. For public participation in decision making, the draft policy is available for seeking reviews/ suggestions/ comments of interested individuals/ departments/ organizations or any other actors in the domain which can be addressed to


Dr. Sanaullah Shah, Risk Assessment Expert at PDMA

via email


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