Provincial Disaster Management Authority

Government of Sindh

Provincial Emergency Operation Center (PEOC)

An effective response to disasters and emergencies requires strong nexus of coordination, communication and information sharing between key stakeholders and decision-makers to lessen the effects of hazards. For better vertical and horizontal coordination and information sharing, PDMA Sindh has established Provincial Emergency Operation Centre (PEOC) operated on a 24/7 basis for rapid and reliable coordination between the national, provincial, and district disaster management authorities. The PEOC is equipped with Information Management and Emergency Response Facilities with skilled and trained manpower to support disaster management.


·         Provide 24/7 support to PDMA operations and coordination with vertical and horizontal tiers

·         Support data and information management

·         Inculcate science and technology in disaster management

·         Maintain and update geospatial data and databases


For the smooth operation of emergency activities, the PEOC works under defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These SOPs are broadly categorized into three sections:

·       Action on Receipt of Early Warning, Safe Evacuation, Search and Rescue, Initial Assessment, Relief Distribution, Recovery and Deactivation of Response.

·         Coordination and Information Dissemination

·         Contingency Planning and Response Actions



·         24/7 support and coordination with district disaster management authorities, NDMA, tri services, line departments

·         Receiving, updation and maintenance of complaints and coordination with concerned departments for remedy

·         Collection, compilation and sharing of data and information with relevant stakeholders

·         Compilation of situational reports

·         Compilation of losses and damages

·         Compilation of initial need assessment reports

·         Compilation of daily relief distribution reports

·         Processing of satellite images and compilation of GIS maps to assist rescue and response operations

·         Social media handling and website management


·         Digitalization of datasets pertaining to disaster management

·         Preparation of maps required in different reports

·         Social media handling and website management

·         Research and development for new tools and techniques used in disaster management

·         Maintenance, operations and updation of DMIS and databases

·         Technical support to other government of Sindh departments on requirement basis

·         Preparation of presentations for briefing



Information Management Facility:

  • GIS Group

  • Media and outreach Group

  • IT Group

        Emergency Response Facility:

  • Emergency call center

  • Complain management

  • Data management

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