Provincial Disaster Management Authority

Government of Sindh


The causes of heatwave in Sindh can include a combination of meteorological factors such as high temperatures, low humidity, and stagnant air masses. Urbanization, deforestation, and climate change can also contribute to the frequency and severity of heat waves in the region.

To prevent heatwaves in Sindh, several measures can be taken, including:

  • Implementing heat health warning systems and public education campaigns to increase awareness of the risks of heat waves and ways to stay cool and hydrated.

  • Improving access to water and electricity to ensure people have access to cooling systems.

  • Implementing measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

  • Implementing measures to conserve water and reduce water usage to ensure that there is enough water available for cooling and other essential uses during heatwaves.

  • Improving urban design and reducing the urban heat island effect by increasing green spaces and using reflective surfaces to reduce heat absorption.

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