Provincial Disaster Management Authority

Government of Sindh

Humanitarian Response Facility at Maripur (Karachi) & Rescue Stations at Maripur (Khi), Jamshoro & Sukkur

The world’s sixth most populous country. Pakistan, with a population of 207.86 million people (2017 census); is a lower middle-income country and per capita income of US$ 1,188.86 was recorded in 2020. The country is exposed to a number of natural hazards including floods, earthquakes, droughts, cyclones, heatwaves and tsunami. During 2005 – 2015 decade, damages and losses resulting from natural disasters in Pakistan exceeded USD 18 billion. In addition, the country is on 6th rank among the most climate change affected countries in the world, with the fifth highest total losses of all countries attributed to climate change over the 1994-2014 period.

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